The top wedding trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2020 …

Weddings truly are the ultimate party, so it’s no surprise – as Australia’s favourite party people – that team LENZO simply love ‘em! The dress, the décor, the desserts, the dancefloor … when the occasion calls for pomp and splendour, you better believe we’re going to be there with bells on!

With the weather getting warmer in our neck of the woods, wedding season is heating up with many matrimonies making their way into our stylist’s hands to plan. Able to spot a trend quicker than you can say, “I do!”, we therefore feel it’s our duty to drop this pressing party report.

It’s with 20/20 vision that we bring you … our Top Wedding Trends for 2020!

Feathery foliage

We’ve been madly in love with whimsical wedding displays since Mandy Moore tied the knot two years ago, and it seems finally, brides the world over are triumphantly taking note.

A delicate way of dressing a space that delivers sky-high scale and grandeur, these feathery fronds bring bags of vintage charm to weddings in a magically modern way. In swoon worthy soft tones like dusty pink and creamy caramel, combinations of buckwheat sheaves, pampas grass, palm fans, textured baby’s breath and heritage roses are central to achieving this luxurious look.

A romantic trend that guarantees an ethereal ambience on your big day, feature these fluffy florals in beautiful bundles on the floor for an elegant entrance like no other or have them cascade down a wooden archway at the end of the aisle as a stunning bridal backdrop.

70s hippy hues

If you heart the idea of a hippie wedding, how do you make yours stand out from every other dime-a-dozen retro do’? We’re predicting big things for this bundle of bright colours that pay homage to all things flower child – minus the hallucinogens!

Yellow, orange, coral and crème form the basis of this joyful colour palette, a thoroughly modern and mature scheme suitable for weddings of all shapes and sizes. An elegant adaptation of the flower power era, these colours are perfect for the carefree couple looking to make a statement in – think marigold coloured gowns and burnt orange suits!

Nodding to nostalgia, the addition of vintage elements in complementary colours – such as amber coloured glasses and copper cutlery – adds the wow factor this Autumnal theme needs, taking what could be dull and dreary to bright and cheery.

Hand painted stationery

Taking the acrylic stationery trend to a colourful new level, we predict hand painted stationery to be all the rage next year in all its magnificent messy glory!

A trend guaranteed to bring out the artist in blushing brides to be, hand painted stationery is a vibrant way to announce your special occasion to guests while expressing their importance to you in the process.

A bold contrast to washed-out watercolour, hand painted stationery is a wonderful way to invite guests to a modern wedding or contemporary celebration. As individual as the guest on the invite, brush strokes can be bold and bright or soft and wispy – whatever takes you and your fiancé’s fancy.

Nothing speaks of sweet sentiment quite like a personalised invitation, and this trend certainly says personalised in (paint)bucket loads!

Pressed flower cakes

This positively pretty wedding trend has us pressing our parents to find our childhood flower presses!

Combining to two of our favourite wedding details – flowers and cakes – we predict pressed flower cakes to pop up at weddings next year much like flowers in a country field.

Pressed in patterns, placed artistically or stuck on symmetrically, edible flowers on offer include nasturtiums, marigolds, pansies, honeysuckle and the reportedly delicious daylily! A charming addition to any flavour of wedding cake, brides with green thumbs can be gorgeously involved by pressing flowers for their cake prior to the big day.

Enchanting flowers and lashings of luscious fondant? We’re head over heels in love with this bloomingly beautiful trend!

Floral fabrication

Following in the pretty pressed flower cake’s footsteps, floral fabrication is a trend due to dazzle and delight at 2020 weddings.

Delicate and dainty, easy breezy fabrics with integrated fresh flowers will be everywhere next year, from backdrops and room dividers to bouquets and table runners.

A gorgeously girlie wedding trend, the application possibilities are endless – as are the flower and fabric choices. From whimsical wheat wedding backdrops to daisy dotted veils, we can’t wait to see the combinations contemporary brides come up with!

Smoke bomb photos

For every bride who wants to look smouldering on their big day (who doesn’t?!) this beautiful bridal trend is the one for you …

Smoke bomb photography has officially exploded into the wedding scene, and with breathtaking visual effects on offer to newlyweds, it’s easy to see why. Smoke bombs – often used in paintball games to block visibility - come in a variety of colours and can achieve a multitude of moody looks. While some have fuses that you have to ignite with a lighter, many come with built in wire-pull ignitions making them super simple to use on your special day.

These colourful concoctions need to be handled with care, so we recommend outsourcing this trend to the best in the photo biz. We’d hate to see your wedding go up in smoke – but your photos? We’re on standby to see the stunning results!

Trelliage theatrics

From arbours and arches to full blown bridal backdrops, trelliage is one of our favourite trends set to transform weddings in 2020.

A far cry from your backyard trellis, trelliage is a form of lattice work that exudes the elegance of an English rose. Inspired by manicured spring gardens and country estates, this wedding trend is perfect for outdoor weddings or those needing to section off space indoors.

At its most wonderful when painted white, keep trelliage traditional in straight square rows or make it modern with Moroccan cut-outs. Carry the crosshatches across your invitations and other event elements and voila, you’ll have yourself a wedding worthy of Queen Victoria!

Whether you’re happily engaged, or preparing for your partner to put a ring on it, planning a wedding should be just as much fun as the special day itself. If you’re making it official next year, we hope our 2020 wedding trends wrap-up will inspire you to style the celebration of your dreams.

With a tip top trend to adapt for every aspect of the occasion, next year promises to be one filled with bright bridal hues, feathery florals, flower covered cakes, artistic invites, fantasy photography and above all, lots of love!

After a wedding that will stand the test of time? Why not call on the LENZO team to style your celebration?! From the stationery, venue and wedding flowers to décor, cake and catering, our superstar suppliers and stylists are renowned for putting together events that outlive trends.

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