Affordable neon signs to help your event or business in Melbourne get noticed

Thought neon signs were only found in Vegas or Times Square NYC? Think again! Custom neon lights are experiencing a major resurgence, and this time it’s illuminating the events scene across Australia… and LENZO couldn’t be more excited!

So, without further ado, we’re introducing the latest addition to our LENZO family: Neon Collective. Based in Melbourne, they offer a range of custom and premade neon signs for hire or buy across Australia! We asked them what makes their custom neon signage so popular, and they told us:

“We make our neon lights as cost-effective as possible to give our buyer the opportunity to afford a neon that will be the talking point of their event. It gives your backdrop, reception, etc. a pop and an ambiance like no other light or decoration can!”

Affordable + neon signs in the same sentence? Just take our money!

There’s just something so very #ONTREND about neons! So, here’s 5 ways you can style your next party, wedding, or business using a pre-made or personalised neon sign:

1. Neon signs for weddings

There’s a few different ways you can incorporate neon into your special day. Personalise the event with your last name or go for a traditional quote – we love “happily ever after,” “love,” and “let's party." Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with hiring a simple heart shape or a “Mr & Mrs” sign.

 HIRE: neon love sign

  HIRE: neon heart sign

 HIRE: neon happily ever after sign

  BUY: love heart with initials neon sign


HIRE: Mr & Mrs sign


2. Neon signs for business

If you’re a small business owner, a custom neon sign can be just the ticket to make your business stand out. Or, if you’re looking for a way to reinvent your existing brand, a neon sign can definitely increase your foot traffic.

Popular ways to use neon signs for business include:

  • A ‘bar’ sign
  • Your logo
  • Your business name


BUY: custom neon sign


Here’s a great way to really stand out: we LOVE Neon Collective’s 1.4m animated neon sign that changes between and every three seconds. You can find it at Wah Bar along Geelong’s Waterfront!

3. Custom neon signs for kids birthdays

Looking for a unique birthday gift for a newborn? You can’t go wrong with a custom neon sign. Personalise it with their name and their favourite colour to hang above their bed, which they can cherish well into adulthood. After all, normal bed lights are so mainstream.

 HIRE: Happy Birthday neon sign

Or, you can always just hire a 'Happy Birthday' neon sign!
4. Neon shapes and words for special events

Hosting a hens day, gender reveal party, or bridal shower? Try these popular neon shapes and words that convey exactly what you want to announce:


HIRE: let's party neon sign

  HIRE: it's a boy neon sign


5. Neon signs for bedroom and the home

And of course, there’s the novelty neon signs that are perfect for your private space: think flamingos, French bulldogs, and even the word Hu$tle (to remind yourself to chase that cash flow!)

Here’s some of our favourites from Neon Collective:
 BUY: hustle neon sign

 BUY: French bulldog neon sign

There’s some you’ll want to flaunt to house guests… and others you’ll want to keep secret. (This one happens to be one of Neon Collective’s best-sellers! #CHEEKY!)


BUY: Be naked when I get home neon sign

All Neon Collective products are now available to hire or buy online directly from the LENZO marketplace. Check them out now!

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