Everything you need to know about planning the ultimate baby shower

At LENZO, we LOVE a cute baby shower! Whether it’s a fun and casual gender reveal or a high tea bump party, we’ll take any excuse to lavishly celebrate the expected birth of a bub!

Traditionally, a baby shower is all about “showering” the mother with gifts that will set her up for the arrival of the newborn. Generally, a close friend, relative, or work colleague will host the event, so if you’ve been given the honourable task of organising a baby shower, we’re here to help you #MAKEITAMAZING.

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve helped host a few Insta-worthy pregnancy parties in our time – from a pastel baby shower to a lush greenery-filled shower, we’ve got the inspo and the dedicated baby shower supplies to help you create an unforgettable party for the mummy-to-be!

The basic baby shower deets
We’ve covered the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ behind the baby shower meaning – now we’ll focus on the ‘when’ and the ‘who.’

A baby shower is most commonly held before the baby is born (between 30 and 36 weeks when the mum is showing, and well and truly ready for a lovely treat!) When setting a date for the party, first consult the parents-to-be to make sure they do actually want to have a shower and to avoid any date clashes. Imagine sending out invitations, only to find out that the most important people aren’t available!

If you decide to throw a shower after the baby is born, that's fine too. With the baby as the centerpiece, you'll have a sure-fire topic of conversation.

And as for who to invite to the baby shower? This is up to the guest of honour. Ask her to provide you with a list of all the invitees and their home addresses. Depending on how close you are, you may already know some of their family members and closest friends.

Choosing a baby shower venue


Now that the guestlist is sorted + you have a date set, it’s time to start looking for baby shower venues! There’s two choices when picking out a baby shower location: somebody’s home (either indoors or outdoors) or a hired venue.

Homes are the traditional venue of choice for baby showers, since they are personal, private, and free. However, if you really want a wow factor, you can find amazing baby shower venues for hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and all over Australia.

Hired venues include restaurants, community halls, and hotels. This costs more money up-front but can take a lot of the stress out of the event for you. Many venues will handle set-up, catering, and the clean-up. They might also decorate for you, leaving you free to simply show up and enjoy the party.

Our favourite baby shower venues for hire
Popular baby shower themes
You might want to give your baby shower a theme, although not everyone chooses to do this. Themes can help to unify the different elements of the day.

Some popular baby shower ideas for boys and girls are:

Gender Reveal
High Tea
Pretty Floral
Lush Tropical
Pretty in Pink
In the Night Garden
Polka Dot
Elegant White
Storybook baby shower
Pamper/Day Spa themed
Monochrome Theme

Baby shower theme inspiration
Baby shower decorations + props
If you are hosting the shower in someone’s home, the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating the space! However, if you’re holding the event at a commercial venue, check to see if you have any limitations about how you can decorate the room.

Our online marketplace has a complete curated list of baby shower decoration ideas for boys and girls from some of the best suppliers in Australia. Below are all the ways in which you can decorate your tables, ceilings, and even cake:

Baby shower balloons
Baby shower streamers
Baby shower garlands and buntings
Table confetti
Baby shower cake toppers

Shop baby shower decorations
Baby shower food, drinks + cake
Think about what sort of food you want on offer for the party. Will you have a sit-down meal or just snacks and finger-food? Will you focus on sweet or savoury, or both?

Some popular food options include:

Hot food - tacos, sliders, or classics like sausage rolls and pies
Cold food - crackers and dip, cheese boards, salads, sandwiches, rice paper rolls, and pastries
Drinks - cha cha iced tea, mocktails (she is pregnant after all!), champagne for the other guests, juice, soft drink, smoothies, and hot chocolate
Sweets - cakes, cookies, cotton candy, cupcakes, macarons, and personalised desserts
You can choose to provide the food yourself, have guests bring food platters to share, or hire a caterer to take care of things to save you from stress.


Hire baby shower catering
And of course, it’s always a nice idea to thank your guests for their attendance on the day by handing out party favours. Personalised boy or girl baby shower cookies and cupcakes are always a cute idea... and much appreciated by all!

Shop baby shower cakes
What to buy for a baby shower
Gifts are an important part of the baby shower, since they are part of the reason for the day. Usually gifts are specifically for the baby, but may also be more mum-specific. Some women choose to have a gift registry for their baby shower, which can be a good option that saves on double-ups or gifts that will remain unused.

Common baby shower gifts include:

Picture books or board books
Blankets and swaddles
Milestone cards or memory books
Clothes and bibs
Bath towels
Nursery bits and pieces

Gifts for mum include comfy PJs + robes, teething jewellery, and baby shower hampers or gift baskets.

Shop baby shower gift baskets
Fun baby shower game ideas
Call them tacky or call them fun: baby shower activities bring out the competitive streak in all of us! They’re also a great way to break up the time between the food courses. If you want to play baby shower games at your party, here’s some easy and unique ones for you and your guest to enjoy:

Baby Shower Quiz: The winner is the one who guesses the most answers correctly about her expected due date, foods she’s craving, where she was when she heard the news, etc.
Baby Shower Bingo: An oldie but a goodie – and a game we’re all familiar with playing!
Price is Right Baby Shower Game: Have your guests guess + write down the prices of common baby items such as diapers, prams, wipes etc. The winner is the person who guessed the closest prices!
Don’t forget to reward the winner(s) with baby shower game prizes that match your theme. If you don’t have a theme, then a gift certificate, candles, or even a potted plant will be appreciated.

What to wear to a baby shower
And finally, what to wear to a baby shower! If you’re a guest, just be sure to match your outfit with the venue – ripped jeans are generally a no-no if you’re attending a high tea. On the other hand, a cocktail dress may be a little too much if it’s being held in the backyard of a friend’s house.

For the expectant mum, there are a range of stylish maternity dresses or two piece outfits to wear. Above all, remember to wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel good – you have our permission to leave your heels at home!

Baby showers are such a fun time to celebrate new life and existing friendships. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, why not hire LENZO to help style your day? As your personal party planner, we’ll make sure everything is perfect for your celebration, from the food right through to the decorations.

Love, LENZO x

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