LENZO lists our fave cake flavours of all-time – is yours here?

When you’re celebrating a milestone event – an 18th birthday, an engagement, baby or bridal shower, graduation, wedding or anniversary – you simply need cake! It’s the one dessert that goes hand-in-hand with just about any event that’s worth celebrating (but really, do we even need an excuse to enjoy a slice or two?)

Vanilla sponge. Red velvet. Orange almond poppy seed with cream cheese icing on top. With so many flavours to choose from, we just had to test them all out (in the name of research, of course!) So, here are our favourite cake flavours of all-time, in no particular order:

Chocolate Cake

Our list wouldn’t be complete without chocolate cake! Perfect with a cup of coffee, it’s an ol’ favourite for many (and the messiest – but most fun – to eat!) Bonus points if a chocolate cake is filled with choc mint, peanut butter, or even M&Ms!

Best for: Birthdays, graduations, christenings, breakfast (just kidding!)


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Strawberry Mud Cake

Is there anything more decadent than a combination of chocolate and strawberries? We don’t think so! This fresh take on the traditional chocolate cake delivers a sweet richness that is combined with the unmistakable flavour that can only come from our favourite fruit: strawberries.

Best for: Engagement parties, bridal showers, anniversaries

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Red Velvet Cake

Can’t decide between chocolate or vanilla? Red velvet is the perfect blend of both! Baked in the perfect hue to represent love and romance, no wonder it’s fast becoming a popular wedding cake flavour… and we can’t remember what life was like before we tasted red velvet cake!

Best for: Weddings, engagements, birthdays


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Lemon Cake

Light and tangy, lemon cakes are the perfect mixture of sweet and citrus. When you’re looking for a cake that’s not too heavy or rich, a lemon cake can be the perfect choice.

Best for: Summer weddings, baby showers, bridal showers

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Coconut and Pineapple Cake

The ultimate tropical flavour, one bite of this and we were transported to a remote location off the Caribbean coast! It’s light, fresh, and fun!

Best for: Destination weddings, summer weddings, baby showers, bridal showers

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Pink Champagne Cake

Yum! We always knew bubbly and desserts went well together, but not literally! Baked by exchanging water in the batter for sparkling wine, this fun and celebratory pink champagne cake is the perfect way to celebrate an engagement, a wedding, or a surprise party!

Best for: Engagements, weddings, surprise birthdays

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Vanilla Cake

You just can’t go wrong with a plain vanilla flavour – whether you want to keep it simple with vanilla frosting or dress it up by adding fruit or filling, it’s far from boring. And you just know it will appeal to even the fussiest of eaters!

Best for: Absolutely any celebration!

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But don’t just take our advice - we asked sweet tooth expert Alisha Henderson from Sweet Bakes what her most requested cake flavours are, and she let us in on her little secret:

“I find that my most requested flavours are a mixture of well-loved classics with a few modern twists! White Chocolate & Raspberry has been a staple cake flavour for years now, and a sure bet to please a crowd. Chocolate cakes with exciting fillings are also a popular choice: these range from Chocolate Salted Caramel, Malteser Mud Cake, Choc Mint, and Chocolate Peanut Butter... the list goes on!”


Image by Sweet Bakes

“My Lemon Curd Cake is super tangy and a great flavour choice for summer time – a nice change from fruitcakes of the past! This wedding season I've found that Orange & Champagne Cake has been the most popular - it totally represents celebration! My personal favourite, however, is the fruitiest of them all: Passionfruit Cake with layers of raspberry sour cream ganache & lime curd - delish!”


Images by Sweet Bakes

Aren’t her cake designs just absolutely amazing? It gives a whole new meaning to edible art, doesn’t it?

Well, there you have it - dessert is served (fork optional!)

Love, LENZO x

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