Get ready for Halloween lovelies, with our whimsical take on the theme in our latest kids party editorial!

Our idea was to create a dream-like version of the usually scary + dark holiday, and turn it into a slumber party fit for all those little princesses out there! To get across our feminine + fanciful vibe, we utilised a palette of soft pinks, purples and greys with slithers of silver. This muted colour palette transcended past the bold Boutique Balloons installation and into the tablescape filled delicious desserts from Lamanna Patissierie, and was initially inspired by the demure designs from Tutu Du Monde, which of course all our little models #LOVED twirling around in.

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LENZO Paperlust Stationery Kids Slumber Party  LENZO Halloween Kids Slumber Party LENZO Lamanna Patisserie Halloween Cookies LENZO Halloween Kids Slumber Party

The shoot was once again effortlessly captured by our wedding and lifestyle photographer Kas Richards, with the venue being a gorgeous private residence in Princess Hill.

LENZO Halloween Kids Slumber Party LENZO Halloween Kids Slumber Party LENZO Halloween Kids Slumber Party Teepee

Sweet Dreams and Goodnight helped us set up a slumber party like no other with their gorgeous teepee range and sleepover services, which are all available for hire on our site. We think that this is the perfect idea for the next kids party you are planning, as not only do Sweet Dreams and Goodnight provide all the slumber party essentials, they help style the area too and make it all look #AMAZING!

LENZO Halloween Kids Slumber Party Pink Whimsical Pink Princess Kids Slumber Party Slumber Party Ideas Pink Princess Kids LENZO Tutu Du Monde Kids Birthday Party For entertainment, the kids were #inAWE of the stunning princess from Lil Critters. Fairy Princess Party Sleepover Teepee Tutu Du Monde Long  Gold Dress

The girls were lucky enough to prance around in stunning Tutu Du Monde dresses, who are LENZO's go-to designer when looking for something special in terms of occasionwear for our little princesses.

LENZO Halloween Kids Slumber Party Kids Birthday Party LENZO Kas Richards Professional Photography

Kids Birthday Party Ideas Pink Princess Slumber Party Tutu Du Monde Pink birthday party Dress Melbourne Based Florist LENZO Gillian Pollard LENZO Boutiqe Balloons Installation Melbourne LENZO Pink Halloween Table Setting Flowers

Our Mini Party People table was decked in on-trend holographic partyware from Hello Kit Co, metallic stationery from Paperlust.Co and cascading blooms from the always amazing and extremely talented Gillian Pollard. These elements gave the table a #WOW factor, which was needed to compete with the overarching balloon installation from Boutique Balloons that dripped from the exterior of the house.

LENZO Hello Kit Co Australian Holographic Partyware LENZO Kids Slumber Birthday Party Table Setting

LENZO Halloween Kids Slumber Party LENZO Balloon Installation Melbourne Pink Grey Silver LENZO Halloween Popcorn Dessert Table Lamanna Patisserie

LENZO Lil Critters Kids Melbourne Kids Entertainment LENZO Lamanna Patisserie Halloween Birthday Party Cake

The babin' bakers from Lamanna Patisserie nailed our brief perfectly for a whimsical Halloween dessert table, and filled it with cute printed cookies, dainty eclairs and cakes worth batting your eyes over. If you can't already tell, the kids loved all the spooky treats and eats, and gravitated around that area!

LENZO Lamanna Patisserie Birthday Cake LENZO Lamanna Patisserie Halloween Birthday Party Cake LENZO Lamanna Patisserie Birthday Eclairs LENZO Lamanna Patisserie Birthday Eclairs LENZO Foote and Flame Birthday party Signage

Foote and Flame created some gorgeous signage and custom placemats for us, which were a great addition and personalised the event for us.

LENZO Tutu Du Monde Lamanna Patisserie Birthday LENZO Tutu Du Monde Silver Dress LENZO Tutu Du Monde Silver Cape LENZO Halloween Kids Princess Party Trick or Treat LENZO Halloween Kids Pink Party Trick or Treat LENZO Happy Hands Happy Heart Playdough

Happy Hands, Happy Heart set up a gorgeous playdough corner for the kids to play in throughout the day. We think this is super important to include a group activity when planning a kids party, as it is a great form of entertainment and allows you to take a few steps back and have a breather!

LENZO Play Dough Corner Kids Party

LENZO Play Dough Corner Kids Party LENZO Play Dough Corner Kids Party LENZO Halloween Cobbs Popcorn Bar LENZO Halloween Birthday Party Popcorn Candy Apple LENZO Halloween Cobs Popcorn Bar

Cobs Popcorn also came to the party, and provided a light snacking option for the kids to graze on. We also decided to make one of our go-to party desserts with Cobs, which was a Unicorn Popcorn Slice!! And because we know you want to be the baking queen, you can check out our quick recipe on how you too can make the pretty dessert here!

LENZO Tutu Du Monde Boutique Balloons LENZO Tutu Du Monde Pink Party Dress Love Little Big LENZO Tutu DU Monde Squad Party Goals

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