Thank your guests with a personalised gift on your wedding day

What better way to thank you guests for being a part of your #BIGDAY than to give them a gift to show your appreciation? Wedding favours – also known as bonbonniere or bomboniere – are a parting gift for your guests to thank them for attending your wedding and giving a gift.

Traditionally, 5 white sugared almonds (representing happiness, wealth, longevity, fertility, and health) wrapped in decorative bags were given out as wedding bonbonniere. If you’re a modern Australian bride, you might want to choose something more personal that reflects your special day + relationship with your partner.

But who even has the time to consider bonbonniere when you’ve got a wedding to plan! That’s why LENZO has come to your rescue and put in some serious legwork that will save you time and effort: here, we’ve listed 5 unique wedding favours and bonbonnieres that we guarantee your guests will enjoy + use!

1. Acrylic place cards

Having acrylic place cards as wedding favours works twofold: your guests will know where they will be seated at your reception, and at the end of the night they can take home their very own stylish and personalised wedding favour! Did we tell you they’re so easy to make? Check out our DIY Perspex instructions here.

Not creative? Buy them on LENZO instead. Too easy!


“LENZO Image by Sketch & Etch Creative via Instagram “LENZO Shop the look: Sketch & Etch Creative

2. Coffee beans
If coffee is your guilty pleasure (and let’s be honest – whose is it not?), then indulge your guests with a homemade blend. Just grab a small hessian sack or kraft box , add a generous amount of coffee beans bought from a local supplier, and seal with a personalised label of you + your beloved’s wedding deets for the perfect blend (geddit? Super cute!)

“LENZO Image by Purrington Photography via Pinterest “LENZO Image via Etsy

3. Chocolate wedding favours

Now, here’s a bonbonniere almost everyone can enjoy! Chocolate wedding favours are a really cute (and tasty) gift when paired with a cute box. Edible bombonieres are really popular as you know they’re one party favour that won’t go to waste! From milk chocolate bars to dark chocolate moulded into love hearts or even white choc marshmallows, you’re spoilt for choice.

“LENZO “LENZO Shop the look: chocolate marshmallows

4. Custom heart cookies
We can promise you that if you choose personalised heart cookies as your party favours, there won’t be any left behind! Bake using your favourite cake flavour – vanilla, red velvet or even chocolate – for the perfect bonbonniere. Hot tip: they can also double as dessert in lieu of a wedding cake!

Not a Nigella in the kitchen? We got you, girl – just choose from any of our sweet-toothed dessert suppliers who can do it for you!

“LENZO Shop the look: Bride and Stork

5. Tiny bottles of limoncello

Now, here’s something for the DIYers! As far as party favours go, you can’t get more on-trend than a tiny bottle of limoncello (and they’re a great way to get your guests on the dance floor!) All you need to do is find a recipe online to make the Italian beverage in your own kitchen. Buy the tiny bottles from eBay, add a sprig of rosemary, and pair with a cute name tag and you’re good to go!

“LENZO Image by Funky Bird Photography via Pinterest

Other unique wedding favours include:

  • Soy candles
  • Honey jars + dippers
  • A soundtrack of your wedding (including your First Dance song!)
  • Soaps
  • Charity donation
  • Mints
  • Succulents


“LENZO Image by The Beauty Dojo via Pinterest

Need help organising your wedding day? Contact Weddings by LENZO, and we’ll connect you to the people, places, and products you need to #MAKEITAMAZING. From the mood board through to the bonbonniere, we’ll make sure your wedding is everything you wanted… and more!

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