The ultimate bridal emergency kit from Frieda Need

We’ve all heard those wedding day disaster stories: a ripped dress; a red wine stain; a major headache. And, no matter how much you plan and how detailed your day-of itinerary is, wedding mishaps are bound to happen. And, while you can’t predict what might go wrong, you can certainly be prepared to handle whatever comes your way with a Frieda Need Bride Box.

“Frieda Need is the perfect gift for: the non-traditional wedding; an obsessively organised bride; a destination wedding; and/or the folks that just want their nuptials to be a party!”

A refreshing alternative to the traditional (and often hideous!) wedding emergency kit, Need is a curated box of everyday items for urgent situations that require immediate attention on your wedding day. Boxed in Melbourne by organised people, the wedding emergency kit is available for all brides across Australia.

Whether you’re a bridesmaid or even a relative, a Frieda Need box is the perfect gift to give to the bride, and will be sincerely appreciated by her ahead of the big day. If you’re giving a Frieda Need box as a gift, a month or two before the wedding (maybe at her bridal shower?) is a great time to present it to the bride. She’ll feel a sense of accomplishment at ticking off another box on her ‘to-do’ list.

We spoke to the latest #PARTYPEOPLE to join our LENZO family, and they revealed the inspiration behind their brilliant idea.

First things first: who is Frieda?

Ebony, the Creative Director of Frieda Need, explains:

“An ode to our grandma Frieda, who lived in an era of honest simplicity & would always insist she had everything she needed. Nothing more or less. Essentials.”

It’s what’s inside that counts: the bridal emergency kit checklist

Frieda Need is good-looking box of quality essential items for the wedding day. Featuring 40 everyday items that have been thoughtfully collected for you, it’s all about the essentials: nothing more, nothing less.

Here’s what you can find in the (good-looking!) Frieda Need wedding day emergency kit:

  • Adhesive bandages
  • Bobby pins
  • Clippers / Comb / Cotton buds
  • Cotton pads / Double-sided tape / Dental floss / Deodorant towelette
  • Earring backs / Emery board
  • Fishing line / Fresh mints / Hair bands / Hairspray
  • Lint remover / Makeup blotting tissues / Mirror
  • Clear nail polish / Nail polish remover / Needle + thread
  • Pain reliever / Panty liner / Pen + paper
  • Perfume atomiser / Push pins
  • Organic lip balm / Organic moisturiser
  • Rubber bands / Safety pins / Scissors / Shaver / Stain wipes
  • Paper drinking straws / Tampons / Tissues / Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste / Tweezer
  • Wet wipes ... PLUS a bonus natural cotton bag to carry favourite items.

    Now you can be prepared for whatever the day throws at you - without the fuss!

    Why should I buy a Frieda Need wedding day emergency kit when I can source the products myself?

    There’s four reasons: time, money, reusable, and good looks.

    • Time: In the final weeks of preparing for a wedding, do you really have time for a scavenger hunt to collect 40+ items in case of an emergency? We didn’t think so. That’s why Frieda Need has done it all for you!
    • Money: If you individually buy each item at retail price, you’re spending an additional $20 or more. Frieda Need has sourced all items at cost price and in bulk, passing on the savings to you!
    • Reusable: Each item is useful beyond the wedding day, and suitable for every day. There’s no waste!
    • Good looks: Frieda Need is designed to look good (by being beautiful) and feel good (by being organised).

    Frieda Need has aligned with some quality local brands for a splash of luxe to this practical gift. Just some of the suppliers include Happy Skincare, Zen Botanics, Wotnot, Eco-Straw, Tom Organic, and The Environmental Toothbrush.

    Are there any plans on expanding your boxes?

    “Designers by trade and minimalists at heart, we are organised people who gather and curate essential everyday objects. We've kept the door wide open for gathering and curating essential everyday projects for other life events, so watch this space!”

    You can bet we will!

    Love, LENZO x

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