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Champagne and Strawberries Cake – Soft and light champagne cake layered with strawberry buttercream, made from our own homemade strawberry compote. (GF available)

Citrus Cake - Soft and fragrant, zesty lemon myrtle cake layered with tart lemon curd butter cream and lemon curd. (GF available)

Vanilla Bean Cake - A soft cake with high quality vanilla bean and layered with raspberry buttercream. (GF available)

Elderflower, Lemon and Champagne Cake - Champagne and lemon cake, layered with lemon and elderflower buttercream and lemon Elderflower curd. (GF available)

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake –  light in texture but oh so chocolatey, layered with salted caramel buttercream. (GF available)

Snickers – Our dark chocolate cake layered with peanut butter buttercream and peanut toffee. (GF available)

Nutella Cake – Our dark chocolate cake layered with Nutella buttercream . (GF available)

Coconut Cake – This light and moist cake is summer in a cake! Matched perfectly with lime butter cream. (GF available)

Vanilla Sprinkle Cake - Light vanilla cake + Rainbow sprinkles (jimmies) and filled with Strawberry buttercream. (GF available) 

The main flavour range can all be made gluten free. 

Vegan Chocolate + Salted Caramel Cake
Great for egg and dairy/ lactose intolerant
These can also be made gluten free

Vegan Vanilla Coconut Raspberry Cake 
Great for egg and dairy/ lactose intolerant
These can also be made gluten free

Dietaries/Allergies: As we use gluten/nuts in our kitchen everyday, we cannot guarantee our options will be 100% coeliac friendly and may contain traces of nuts. We take the utmost care with cleaning our equipment but please keep this in mind when ordering our cakes for those with coeliacs disease or anaphylactic response to nuts.